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Seamless Siding & Gutters

Damaged siding can lead to major problems in any home by letting in air, water, dirt, and insects, and also by causing the decay of surrounding materials. Whether storms, events or the passing of time has damaged your siding, it’s important to address the issue immediately before further costs are accumulated. Midwest Storm Restoration offers experienced siding services and can complete the project with minimal time and inconvenience to your family. We work with reputable materials from brands like CertainTeed and Owens-Corning to ensure the durable siding your home needs in order to withstand the challenging Midwestern weather. Call us today (913) 602-7061 for a free estimate! Gutters are an important part of any home or business as they direct water away from roofs, basements, and general property exterior. If left standing, water can lead to costly structural damage and leaks in a building’s interior. As part of our comprehensive exterior service, Midwest Storm Restoration offers experienced guttering repair and installation to both residential and commercial customers. We work with quality products to install seamless guttering that can protect your facility from costly damage. Call us today for a free... read more

Repair Windows

As part of your home’s exterior, windows must withstand the same harsh Midwestern conditions as your roof, siding and gutters. Often, however, homeowners don’t notice costly damage to their windows until it’s too late. Now is the time for an assessment if you think that you need to repair windows in your home. Even if a window’s glass itself hasn’t broken, its overall condition may be compromised in other areas. A window left untreated can lead to high energy bills, pest infestation, and further harm to the interior of your home. Through our complete storm-repair assessment, Midwest Storm Restoration will check your windows for broken seals, dents, rot, mildew, mold, or insulation damage to make sure your property is not at risk. If you need to repair windows in your home, we will tell you what needs repaired, and we will also tell you... read more

Shingle Roofing Damage

Many factors affect the shingle roofing systems lifespan of your home.. While most shingle roofing products last up to 20 years, weather, climate and time can take a toll on the ability of the shingle roofing system to protect your house. Shingle roofing systems sustain damage through wind, hail, ice, snow, and simple age. If you see or suspect shingle roofing damage, it is important to have your shingles evaluated immediately, as the interior of your home could be at risk. Visible signs of shingle roofing damage include buckling, algae growth, blistering, curling, rotting or missing granules. And, of course, any roof exposure or missing pieces are clear indicators that your shingles—and perhaps your entire roof—need attention. Midwest Storm Restoration is highly experienced in shingle roofing repair. We will assess the damage for free, provide you with an accurate report, and help you get the insurance claim reimbursement you need. We’ll then put our skills and products to work to restore your roof and ensure the protection of your... read more

“These guys did a great job and did everything as promised. They were friendly to my family, efficient and clean. Nice job. I highly recommend them.”

Mark Reiter

“MSR was very helpful in restoring our home after it had suffered major hail damage. I would recommend them to my friends and family.”

James F.