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On April 14, we all got a powerful reminder regarding the danger of severe weather in the Midwest.
That Saturday, the National Weather Service issued 124 tornado warnings, most of them in the state of
Kansas. Most notable among the storms was the EF3 twister that caused major destruction in the city
of Wichita, which suffered extensive damage to both commercial and residential properties. The storms
that night also came with a heavy financial price tag, as Sedgwick County (KS) alone sustained more than
$280 million in damages.
While it’s never pleasant to think about what we would do if a tornado or any form of severe weather
caused damage to our home or business, it’s still necessary. As residents of the Midwest, we all run the
risk of being blasted by hail, floods, high winds and, of course, tornadoes. That’s why it’s important to
know the right restoration company to call in the case of property damage. Dealing with the emotional
stress of severe weather is enough without having to search for a trustworthy company and manage
insurance claims.
Part of our mission at Midwest Storm Restoration is to save home and business owners from being
shortchanged by insufficient insurance claim checks when severe weather affects their property.
Consider the stress that the Sedgwick Country residents are enduring right now. All of our hearts go
out to them, and we pray that they are receiving the quality insurance care they need and deserve.
However, if this should happen to you, how would you know that you could afford to restore your
property to its pre-storm condition? And, do you want to worry about that after the storm has already
passed by?
This month, we want to help you create a plan of action in case of emergency by reminding you of our
promise to help you receive the insurance funds you need to cover the cost of your property repairs.
By calling us after a storm, we assess the damage and work with your insurance company to negotiate
the full coverage you need for total repair. Our goal is to ease the load of the aftermath so that you can
focus on what is truly important—rebuilding your life with those you love.
If you’d like to know more about our services and post-storm restoration process, contact us today Kansas City (913) 602-7061 Maryville (913) 602-7061!