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You have shoveled the driveway many times in your life- you know that snow needs to be cleared away so you can go about your daily life. Snow gets in the way. Snow and ice can be dangerous. But, did you know that snow and ice on your roof can be dangerous too? When a heavy snow falls, your roof and home may be at risk.

sign dangers of snow removal

Dangers of Snow on the Roof

A heavy snowfall can cause damage to your home or even cause it to collapse. While this is not common, it is a concern for homeowners when the snow piles up and does not melt or fall off the roof.

Dangers of Snow and Ice Removal

Climbing up on your roof to remove snow is very dangerous, but there are ways to handle it safely. It is always best to have a professional remove snow from a multi-story home. If you need to remove snow from your home or another building, have someone else with you in case of emergency. Shoveling snow is a strenuous task, and the height and slope of the roof make it even more difficult. Also, the shingles on your roof could be damaged if you are not careful with your snow removal tools.

Snow on Roof

How to Remove Rooftop Snow Safely

The most important rule is to be cautious. There are various tools you can use to remove snow from your roof, depending on the type of roof your home has.

How to Remove Snow from a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are hard to keep clean, and the snow removal will require strength and some time.

How to Remove Snow from a Sloped Roof

When you head to the roof, you want to pick the right tools for the job. Metal shovels will work, but plastic shovels are less likely to damage the shingles. To make sure you do not damage the roof, try to remove the majority of the snow but leave about an inch of snow. It will melt when the sun comes up and keep you from scraping your shovel on the shingles. You can also find snow rakes that are designed to remove snow from the roof while you stand on the ground. This is a great option for some homes.

Whatever you decide to do after a heavy snowfall, be careful. All of us at Midwest Storm Restoration wish you a happy and healthy holiday season- stay safe as winter arrives!