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Hurricane Sandy struck the East coast in late October, causing power outages, flooding, and massive destruction. About one month later, the full impact of the storm is still being discovered.

Hurricane Sandy damaged home

The initial relief phases have finished but there are still many areas struggling to recover. Sandy is responsible for about $62 billion damage and losses, destroyed homes and businesses, and widespread loss. More than 72,000 homes in New Jersey alone were affected by the tropical storm.

Media attention may have already shifted away from the devastating effects of the tropical superstorm, but the damages are real and tangible. The people affected by the storm will need aid for months to come. There are a number of ways to reach out to provide assistance for those who were touched by the storm.

  • Occupysandy.org gathers various relief efforts and shares how you can get involved, through donation or volunteering. The site continues to share updates on the areas affected.
  • To help children affected by the storm, check out worldvision.org. You can donate to help children and families in need of relief.
  • OccupySandy also has a link to “wedding registries” on Amazon.com that contain specific items needed by victims. You can purchase items and send them directly to those who need them.

Thousands of people are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. At Midwest Storm Restoration, we are passionate about helping people recover from the devastating results of natural disasters. We certainly extend our sympathy and assistance to all those trying to pick up the pieces and move on.