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Right now, all eyes are on London. Most of us are enduring the summer heat by staying indoors and watching the Summer Olympic Games as they take place in the UK. While our weather here at home has been atrocious lately with very little rain and extreme heat, the weather across the pond isn’t doing anyone any favors either. Famous for its fog and rain, London is living up to its reputation and causing a few Olympic-sized headaches for both the Olympians and the fans.

During the first few days of the Games, the women’s cycling teams experienced the first rain-induced problems as downpours caused several pile-ups during their race. Then, for the first time in more than 100 years, tennis matches were forced inside due to the precipitation.

But the problem isn’t just for the athletes; it’s also creating issues for the fans. Due to security measures, most venues aren’t allowing spectators to bring in umbrellas, which means they are having to either use ponchos or just plain get wet. While we in the Midwest might think that sounds like fun at the moment considering our drought situation, we can imagine that it’s probably not the most enjoyable way to watch a sporting event.

In hindsight, this issue was easy to predict. After the wettest June ever in the UK, experts predicted that the Games would have their share of showers. And so far they’ve been right. All outdoor events from archery to kayaking have been affected in some way by the precipitation. But perhaps that’s what makes things so interesting. For years these athletes have fought through injuries, illnesses and a variety of challenges in order to get to this point. And with that kind of persevering spirit, we are confident that any added difficulty will only bring out the greater strength inside them. They are overcomers, and a little bit of rain isn’t going to slow them down—especially not the strong members of Team USA. They’re an exceptional group of men and women who are truly making their country proud.

At Midwest Storm Restoration, we love our country, and we’re proud of our Olympians, too. And, just like you, we’re cheering them on from Kansas City.  The London rain might not be making things any easier for them, but we know they’ll make the best out of the situation and come out on top. Hopefully their strength to endure rough weather will inspire us to do the same.

Stay cool!