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Storm Damage

Storm Damage

As a home or business owner in the Midwest, you know that storm damage can cause havoc on the exterior of your structure. Hail, tornadoes, ice, snow, and high winds pose a constant threat. Property owners must regularly monitor the condition of their roofs, siding, gutters, and windows for potential storm damage.

When a powerful storm strikes, Midwest Storm Restoration can provide complete storm damage assessment and repair for both residential and commercial customers. As part of our service, we also work directly with insurance companies to ensure a maximized claim check with any storm damage project. Should the initial check not cover the total cost of the necessary repairs, we negotiate directly with the insurance company to make sure our clients pay nothing out of pocket.

Our crews are trained and experienced to deal with virtually any kind of storm damage that your structure may have occurred. Here at Midwest Storm Restoration, we are also able to answer any questions you might have about the process or results of your structures storm damage repair.

Because we work with large, mobile crews, we are properly equipped to repair facilities of any size in a timely, efficient manner. If storms have damaged the exterior of your home or business, call us today (913) 602-7061 (Kansas City), (402) 915-5363 (Lincoln, NE), (913) 602-7061(Maryville), (913) 602-7061 (Wichita) for a free assessment.